Total session: 6 over 13 weeks

Age and occupation: 41 year Accountant

This client was referred to me after being signed off work for stress and anxiety. This lady had been suffering from; panic attacks, OCD, negative thinking, stress and anxiety for a number of years. She had learnt to manage these systems by creating various coping strategies that meant she was able to hide from others how she was really feeling and how difficult she found some situations to cope with. However things had deteriorated considerably and she was now left unable to cope with the pressure and work load within the work place. She was unhappy at work, she was successful and a competent accountant yet doubted her own ability which was worsening particularly due to a bullying boss. She had been unsuccessfully applying for new positions in other companies, but knew her lack of confidence was showing through and she wasn’t demonstrating her full potential. In addition the client had an irrational feeling of guilt connected to the death of a family member when she was a teenager.

During the first session we removed the feelings of guilt relating to the family loss from many years ago. Previously my client would think about the death numerous times during the day and would still find it very upsetting. Within one session she was completely free of this issue that she had been carrying and had been haunting her since she was a little girl.

She would regularly listen to the CD at night time and over the following weeks the stress and anxiety began to reduce in many areas of her life without even needing to mention some of these issues whilst she was in the clinic room. She began to take back control and think more rationally and logically about situations. My client stopped the habit she had created of negatively thinking that something bad would happen to her or her family, particularly if she drove too far away from them or she was apart from them for too long. She began to drive further away from home and even booked a weekend away, which she had never done before. She started to take control in other areas of her life and found the confidence to visit the dentist which she had found too stressful before.

Gradually her confidence grew over the weeks. She started going out more and taking up fitness classes whilst trying to lose weight. The OCD reduced greatly, she found that she was able to stop the physical habits that she had created that would help reduce the anxiety she was feeling. Previously she would only chose certain cups to use for coffee at work or go through a certain door, convincing herself that a family member would die if she didn’t do things in a certain way or in a certain time. This client found an unknown freedom that she hadn’t experienced for at least 10 years.

After leaving the treatment program for the next 6 months she continued with her interviews and successfully acquired a new position in a company. She carried out one of her dreams and travelled to America. She also attended workshops on new interests, lost weight and carried out charity work.

The client continued to play the support CD all through her treatment programme and for the months afterwards.

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