Total session: 8 over a 12 week period

Age and occupation: 51 year Sales Director

This client was a successful business man who held a position on the Board of Directors of a well-known company. He has been in this position for a year. The client had been referred to me because he was now signed off work due to stress and anxiety and had been finding it extremely difficult to cope with the demands of a challenging CEO. He had been recently suffering from extreme panic attacks particularly anything relating to work. For the first time ever he found he couldn’t carry out presentations, even to his own team members. Each project he found increasingly more daunting and noticed that he began to feel anxious as soon as new emails came in, particularly any from the company CEO.

This anxiety and stress was not only affecting his work but his home life too. He had become more withdrawn over time and found little enjoyment in his usual interests of family, music, cooking and art. This client also had big changes occurring in his personal life during this particular time; he was trying to sell his house and buy another house abroad, at the same time as trying to juggle his finances. He had decisions to make about his own career also taking in to consideration all of the family needs. He was completely burnt out and he didn’t know how to make any decisions or how to cope with any area of his life.

Using the CD throughout the treatment program over the next 8 sessions he began to make the necessary changes to regain control once more over his thoughts and how he dealt with situations, how he coped with the demands of company or people he worked with. He began to look at his options more rationally and make decision easier so he felt in control over his life.

During the treatment programme we removed the self- limiting belief of being unable to confront people along with the feeling that he had never been or ever would be good enough or successful in whatever he did. Even though it was evident he was a highly successful and financially secure businessman, this belief had been established many years ago whilst he was badly psychically bullied through most of his secondary school years. He could now recognise his own patterns of behaviour, emotions or thoughts that he would often experience whilst in a confrontational situation. These situations would often cause the same feelings and show itself as stress and anxiety, particularly with his new boss.

By learning new techniques and strategies of dealing with his own negative thoughts he was able to look at situations in a more rational way, resulting in an ability to find the solutions to all his problems or decisions. The anxiety and stress began to reduce. He was able to deliver presentations once more to his team and to larger audiences. He successfully organised and delivered the opening speech to a new project launch held in a very prestigious venue with worldwide, well known influential members of his industry, along with a few famous characters. He returned to carry out his business duties overseas once more. He also found he was able to deal with the CEO more rationally and effectively, he understood his boss’s personality better and didn’t take things so personally. He became more engaged with his family and returned to his hobbies feeling generally calmer, happier and enjoying life.

He began to look at future opportunities with excitement, rather than with a feeling of fear or panic. He confidently took the opportunity to live and work abroad.

He returned to work after 3 sessions but stayed with the treatment programme for maximum benefits for 8 sessions.

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