Total session: 7 (5 +2) over a 6 week period & 2 week period 9 months later

Age and occupation: 35 year Solicitor

This client was referred to me because she had been signed off work for 3 months due to anxiety linked to the emotional impact of 3 miscarriages over the last year. Sadly each time this lady lost her babies in the second trimester of her pregnancies. After numerous tests and investigations, that in themselves were painful and upsetting, no answers could be given as to why this was happening. This client wanted to put these experiences into perspective to return to work and enjoy time with her husband and little girl again rather than continually grieving over what she had lost.

Over the next 7 sessions this lady began to feel more rational about the situation and more hopeful of a full term pregnancy, she had one healthy child already so she knew there was nothing physically wrong which meant it could be possible. She began to play with her little girl again and her relationship with her husband became more open and honest. My client realised that she felt under a huge amount of pressure to give her husband another child and each time she lost a baby she felt she had failed him. Talking together rather than hiding from the situation, they made plans and accepted that they may only have the one child and they were ok with that.

Whilst off work she had developed anxiety about returning, by learning new ways of dealing with difficult situations or challenging questions she may be asked, she was able to return to work after 4 sessions with a calmer and more positive attitude.

8 months later she returned having falling pregnant once more. She was becoming increasingly anxious and worried that she may lose this baby as well even though she was being monitored carefully and having regular tests to see if all was ok by the specialist. Once again she was sleeping badly and the negative thoughts had returned. She was very fearful of going back to where she was when she first met me. By playing the CD as often as possible in addition to the treatment sessions she was able to reduce the anxiety and a more peaceful sleep was restored within 2 sessions. She felt she was able to cope with whatever happened this time. Months later she delivered a healthy baby.

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