Total session: 4 over an 8 week period

Age and occupation: 35 year old IT Manager

This man came to me feeling totally worthless, he had been out of work for 2 years, and he had unsuccessfully attended many interviews. His relationship with his partner had completely broken down; he was financially being supported by his partner. They had not been intimate for many months and were now sleeping in different rooms and were at the point of separating. He had lost all ambition, drive and motivation in all areas by the continual knock backs. His sleep was dramatically affected and he would often lay awake for hours worrying about his problems.

During the first session I established that he was a very talented, funny, easy going man. He did still have ambition and drive when he thought about what he wanted out of life and what his dreams were. He had simply got into a spiral of negative thoughts and beliefs. The issues and problems with his relationship with his partner were dramatically impacted through his thoughts, behaviour and belief about himself. Unfortunately the problems within the relationship were not seen for what they were and the blame of the broken relationship was being put on the issue of his unemployment only.

Over the next few weeks by taking his attention away from what he didn’t have and focusing on what he did want from life and what he was good at, he was able to take more control in certain areas. He started to finish off the DIY chores, started to cook the evening meals, take more pride in his appearance and dress more smartly. He started to look at the possibility of re-training in a different profession. He instigated family days out and took on more responsibility around the house and for the children.

There were two main things that this man knew that he was good at without any doubt;

  1. A good Dad
  2. A black belt in martial-arts.

With the knowledge and positive feelings associated to these two things, we transferred this feeling into a belief in his himself and that during the following week he would be able to demonstrate his ability to an interviewer that he could successfully carry out the role he was applying for.

Over this 2 month period he was offered a job, his relationship with his partner increased greatly, his confidence and self-esteem grew and he once more believed in himself. His humour and zest for life returned.

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