Total session: 6 over 13 weeks

I met this lovely well mannered, polite, quiet young man who sat with his head low, hardly making any eye contact and was very softly spoken. He had always been shy and introvert outside of his immediate family and his home since a very young age. He was achieving academically at school but socially was finding it increasingly difficult to interact with his peers and to have the confidence to go to new places or to try new things and meet new people. Over the next period of time together we came up with new strategies and techniques on how to deal with meeting new people, how to initiate conversations, how to interact with people and put his opinions forward. We began to reduce the anxiety of speaking out in discussion groups or in class. This client found he was too anxious when speaking to his friends on his mobile phone and would only contact his friends via text.

Over the Xmas period we used this opportunity with his family to answer the telephone at home, to call family members on the mobile, to play games with all of his family, extended family and friends. My client then pushed himself and came up with other suggestions on how he could start interacting more with people. Some of his suggestions were; talking to cashiers at the shops when paying for goods or saying good morning to an older person. He gradually found his safety boundaries of where he felt comfortable and then expanded on it each week. Over the next 3 months his confidence and self -esteem improved, he would look directly at me when talking, sit up straight, smile, laugh and be engaged in conversations. On the last session I hadn’t seen him for 5 weeks. He walked into the clinic tall; head held high, his hair had been cut in a new fashionable style wearing new clothes. He had been into the local town at the weekends, talking to friends and their friends, initiating new things to do as a group. He now happily spoke on the phone.

A few months later his Mum emailed to say that he was doing really well. He was coping brilliantly at school ,he had great exam results and he now had a part time job and a girlfriend.

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