Coaching - Business Woman

Amanda coached me by telephone, yet it felt like I could see her face to face. The connection between us was really great and I felt like she understood. Amanda helped me make sense of and get clarity in what I wanted to achieve and asked me some very thought provoking questions that switched the light on for me. I remember laughing and thinking how obvious some things are once they are recognised. She helped me stay on track and set realistic timeframes and to think about how to overcome potential obstacles. I did feel stuck on occasions, however, Amanda didn’t tell me what to do, she continued to ask me what I thought I could do and helped me move on. She is friendly and encouraging, she acknowledged achievements that I hadn’t even seen for myself.As a result of coaching, I have achieved the goals I have set and recognise some strengths that I didn’t think I had. This has been an experience to treasure.Business Woman - Corporate Company London

Coaching - IT Business

The coaching sessions have had a massive impact on my life. Allowing me to make decisions and discover what I really want from and to do in life. Before I started coaching, I was lost didn’t know what to do, and was feeling deflated, trapped and hopeless. Coaching allowed me to make decisions as events conspired in my life allowing me to make effective decisions by clearing my mind and looking for what’s important and what I wanted from my decisions. I believe I have come a long way since that first session and have been able to grow as a person.IT Business Owner - Portsmouth

Coaching - Business Startup

I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amanda, making that commitment has helped keep my mindset in a good, positive place but it has also motivated me to take actions to move forward. Amanda has helped me take what was just a business idea and then turn that in to reality. I now have another business that Amanda coached me in setting up and developing I found each session extremely helpful, Amanda was brilliant at extracting from me what I needed to do next and how I was going to go about it. Having coaching enabled me to create a structure for what needs to be achieved. Looking back at what I have achieved since November is incredible and the coaching has been pivotal in making that happen. I have loved the coaching every step of the way Business Start Up - PR - Berkshire

Anger Management & Behaviour Issues

Since finishing the programme with Amanda, we have seen a real change in our son's behaviour. Amanda worked with him to overcome his anger issues and has given him strategies to help him control his emotions and this has benefited our entire family. My son's end of year school report far exceeded our expectations and many of his teachers noticed an improved attitude towards his work and this was reflected in improved grades. There is still work to be done but we are very grateful to Amanda for her kind, no-nonsense approach.Mother of a 13 yr old boy


Before deciding to contact Amanda-Jane I was feeling swamped by the various pressures of my family and work life, not helped by my sleeping habits which were poor leaving me unrested and on the back foot. After addressing my lack of sleep the program has helped me gain some clarity and adopt a more effective approach to managing matters. it’s no coincidence that all the areas of my life have improved since seeing Amanda-Jane.London Business Owner - Property Developer

Children/ Adolescence Exam Results

My daughter struggled to focus on her revision program in the run up to her GCSEs and was becoming anxious and frustrated. I suggested that she see Amanda-Jane and was pleasantly surprised when she agreed, the effect was immediate with no more of the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ panic and a real sense that she was back in charge and able to make more effective use of the remaining few weeks of revision. I’m in no doubt whatsoever that Amanda-Jane’s work with my daughter has been reflected in her results which exceeded our expectations, whilst GCSE’s were the primary reason for the consultations i have encouraged my daughter to continue sessions albeit on a less frequent basis.Father of a Teenage Girl

Panic Attacks

I had been experiencing panic attacks for at least 3 years, I had been to see various therapists and had tried different techniques over time. I met Amanda in June 2015, I had been having weekly sessions elsewhere since Oct 2014, some of the therapy had worked, but I was still experiencing anxiety and panic attacks each day. At the initial consultation Amanda - Jane explained why I was experiencing this anxiety and why it had turned into panic attacks, she then explained the importance of good sleep and how this was also adding to my anxiety. No one had ever suggested or explained any of this to me, I left the consultation feeling more confident and reassured that I could overcome these feelings of anxiety and how I could get rid of the panic attacks than ever before. Amanda-Jane explains things simply and clearly. A friendly, professional lady that is lovely and fun to work with. It surprised me how much fun the sessions were.Berkshire Woman 28yrs

Traumatic Event.

I must admit I was very apprehensive, even scared to come to see Amanda-Jane. I had a very sad upsetting event that happened a few years ago, that I couldn't even talk about to my friends or family. I buried all the emotions as well as the anger and guilt. Over the past few years things had been getting gradually worse for me, stress, anger management, depression and then major panic attacks that felt like I was dying. Through sheer desperation I went to Amanda-Jane. I thought she would make me talk about the horrific event and bring up all the emotional issues from my childhood and express how I felt about everything. I was so completely wrong, the program is nothing like what I expected. I have learnt new ways to think about situations, which means I can look at the past in a new way, which makes me feel different about it all. I have built up my confidence, we talk about all the things I can influence and look into the future. I am amazed at how different I feel within just a few sessions. I am now looking at how I can start my own business something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never thought was possible. I’m happier than I can ever remember being and can now recognise my achievements rather than my failings. If I could say anything to anyone about the program, it would be, give it a go, it won’t be what you think, it will be so much more and you will see results will be in areas you would never imagine possible. Fantastic.Male Client Hampshire

Sleeping Difficulties

I can’t believe it, I've not slept through the night for over 6 months, I listened to the CD last night for the first time, I only heard about the first 3 minutes, I have no idea what was on the cd, the next thing I knew, I woke up, and it was morning, I had slept through the whole night. I feel amazing, I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I cant wait to start the first session.Berkshire Personal Fitness Trainer

Loss of purpose and direction

Following the death of my daughter I really did not know which way was up, I felt low, anxious, de-motivated, old and so very tired and saw no reason in having a future. I had no idea how far from my normal I was. I thought I was coping really well, going through the motions, going to work looking after the family, house and garden, I still did it all but it was exhausting and I now see I was on a downward spiral. I’d been to a bereavement councillor shortly after her death but this seemed to be looking back, I needed to move forward while coping with my past. Amanda from Mindset & Solutions has moved me forwards and I now can see a bright future where I can use the tools she has given me to grow and grow. I’ve no real idea how it has all happened. It’s like magic, I’m just going to say thank you and move forwards. In brief the colour has come back into my life, and I really didn’t realise it had gone. I’ve had two sessions to date….yes two. How unbelievable is that? When I went for my first session I was unsure that I could afford to do the course, now I know I couldn’t afford not to do it.50 Yr Wiltshire Business Owner and Professional Artist

Stress & Anxiety

I came to see Amanda about what I thought were irrational thoughts and feelings which were causing me anxiety in every day life. Amanda was very welcoming and explained early on these feelings can easily go away and actually it's very common. After my 6 sessions not only had I overcome the original feelings but I'd changed my life perception and got a new job. Deep down this was causing a lot of the anxiety in my life but I never new it as it was masked by what seemed trivial details. I would highly recommend Amanda, she gives you skills to cope with what life throws at you.HR Director

Communication and Relationship Issues

…..She showed incredible mental strength and we were so proud of her for this.    She has come such a long way in understanding and managing her emotions and as she is now seeing that it helps her, she is willing to take responsibility rather than passing the buck to the rest of us!!   I have been working with her on positive thought processes and we have made up a code to help her interrupt negative chatter when it starts.Mother of 10 yr old girl

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